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  • Supply, extension and installation of the information network of the University of Saba Region.
  • Supply of more than 200 computers of the seventh generation of the University of Saba.
  • Installation of more than five cloud systems (Future technology)
  • Supply, extension and installation of a monitoring system for the Central Bank of Yemen – Marib branch.
  • Supply, extension and installation of a monitoring system from the International Organization of the Civil Status Office – Marib Governorate

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Brief About "MarebTech" Company

MarebTech is a specialized company in the field of integrated technology, services, consultancy and related studies. It was established to meet the technical needs of medium and large businesses in public and private organizations and institutions and to help bridge the gap between Marib governorate and the world by establishing a strategic partnership network between us And between governmental and private institutions to provide solutions and keep abreast of the rapid development in the field of technology in various fields….


Maintenance and support

Designing, Installation, maintenance of educational laboratories and networks


Computer and Thin Client solutions, solutions for local and global IT companies

Protection systems

high-precision, high-precision global structure and properties



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  • Yemen - Marib - Al-Mujamma - 26th Street in front of Marib Land Park
  • 06301128، 717131897، 773960108
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